Trendy or Timeless? Finding the Balance in Asheville Homes

Trendy or Timeless? Finding the Balance in Asheville Homes

Reflecting on Past Trends

Think back to the pastel rage of the 1980s. Picture that home in 1985, with a living room drenched in mauve and chintz, adorned by chrome and glass tables. Although a hit back then, it’s a style that now lives in nostalgia.

Two Sides of the Trend Coin

Every home undergoes two types of trends: decor and architectural. Using decor trends lets you infuse your flair into a space. The best part? They’re interchangeable. Ready for a new look? A simple repaint or redecorating can change everything.

On the other hand, architectural trends, like arched doorways or black-framed windows, might amplify your home’s value – if you’re selling while the trend’s still sizzling. However, these can age your home, pushing it towards a future remodel.

The Everlasting Charm of Timeless Design

Now, think of your kitchen. Fast forward a few years after you’ve bid goodbye to those concrete countertops or subway tiles. What’s left? What features are here to stay, enduring decades or even centuries?

Whether renovating or creating a new home, the magic lies in mixing the trendy with the timeless.

The Quest for Quality

Envision long-term with your home finishes. Classic materials like wood and stone are not just long-lasting, but they’re also timeless. Prioritize quality to enhance your home’s value and your living experience.

Historic homes often showcase materials like copper, wood, stone, and iron. These have stood the test of time. Even while staying updated with decor, lean towards lasting materials. Consider stone. Whether you go for today’s classic or engineered stone (quartz), its charm remains unchanged. Are you tempted to add stone to your home? Go for it!

Navigating Trendy Choices

Trends can be fickle. Some fade away quickly, while others linger. Take white kitchens, for instance. Even though it’s a trending shade, white kitchens have been a favorite for ages.

The trick? Use trending items sparingly. A fusion of trendy items against a timeless backdrop works wonders. Mingle the old with the new – like placing trendy blush velvet pillows on a timeless Cabriole sofa. Need more certainty about a particular trend’s longevity? Seek custom home builders’ advice.

The Essence of Comfort and Durability

Time-honored materials, like hardwood floors, radiate comfort and durability. Such classic materials are about aesthetics and the legacy they carry. Choose what resonates with you, whether it’s the allure of beadboard or the elegance of marble floors.

Teaming Up With Experts

When it comes to home projects, partnering with professionals is invaluable. Their expertise ensures that your dream home strikes the perfect balance between being trendy and timeless.

Here at Modern Mountain Builders, we pride ourselves on our in-house design team that crafts homes from ordinary to extraordinary, tailored to your tastes.

Home trends infuse your space with a modern touch, appealing to guests and potential buyers. As they evolve, they offer opportunities for reinvention. On the flip side, timeless features grant enduring value. In your next home venture, let these two worlds collide to craft a space that’s uniquely you.

Are you thinking of a home upgrade in Asheville? With Modern Mountain Builders, a custom home builder, you’re not just building a house. You’re crafting a legacy. Whether it’s your first or forever home, join hands with us for a home that’s both trendy and timeless.

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